How do we view technology?

One of the classes that I appreciated attending while at Ohio University was Advanced Seminar – IT Philosophy. I did not gain assessment in this class, as I chose to attend as an extra – just for the joy of it. And it was a joy, we had wonderful questions and resulting discussions that focused around […]

Distraction can lead to great things #Minecraft

In mid August I attended the Code Club Australia teacher training at East Launceston Primary School. I mentioned in a post that reflected on the day that I was a little distracted. Well I was a lot distracted! But that didn’t mean that I was totally detached from what was going on. Rather, I was […]

Speaking with others #hardiefellowship

Last weekend I had breakfast with friends. It was our first proper catch up since my return from the USA. Apart from the fact that it was really nice to sit and chat and have breakfast extend to a couple of hours, it also made me aware of how I distill the learning for different […]

Who is writing our education story?

I don’t watch a lot of commercial T.V. and yesterday I was reminded why. In my twitter feed tweets from educators expressing dissatisfaction, concern and feeling like they have had their professionalism questioned began to appear. I was disturbed by this as they are people I have been connecting with on Twitter for some time, and […]

Sharing the learning – impact of furniture #hardiefellowship

This morning I saw a tweet that was attached to the hashtag #archlearn that talked about furniture in the classroom. The comment came from Alice Keeler (who is worth the follow, especially if you are interested in Google products) who I met at the Minecraft in Education summit LA. On my first day at Ohio University […]

Sharing the learning re hackathons #hardiefellowship

One of the wonderful things that came out of my Hardie Fellowship was becoming more connected with TERpodcast and having the opportunity to share some of the things that I was doing while in the USA for the year. One opportunity that presented itself was attending and helping out with a virtual reality hackathon mini in […]

Distilling a year of learning #HardieFellowship

On return from my Hardie Fellowship a report needs to be written. Here is the challenge, distilling a year of learning into three A4 pages. Below is my report, it is a mere snapshot of what the year in the USA provided me and hopefully will provide opportunity for others learning as a result of […]

Creating requires deep thinking.

During my time in the USA I was privileged to work with Jeff Kuhn. I mentioned the project we worked on together in an earlier post – Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning. Recently our project was acknowledged in two Ohio University spaces: 1. The Backdrop Magazine 2. On reflection, the one thing that still sits strongly […]

Reflections on #MinecraftLA part 1

If you follow me on Twitter or are connected to me via Facebook you will be aware that I attended the #MinecraftLA summit in mid March. It was wonderful to be in a room of educators who have used Minecraft as part of the learning experience they offer. For an insight into the twitter conversation […]

I’ve graduated, where’s my job?

Over the last month or so it has become evident that education graduates have started to question the situation that they are finding themselves in, especially with the announcement of New Teacher Intern Placement Program. Most recently on ABC local news this story aired; Tasmanian teacher graduates struggling to find work slam government cuts. My question […]