The Big G of Games

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar where James Gee presented on the Big G of games. It is always a pleasure to listen to James Gee and consider the aspects of gaming that he unpacks. He has certainly given me insight into the concept of skills learnt and the literacy associated with game […]

OETC Conference part 3

The last of my posts on the keynote that Yong Zhao presented at the OETC Conference will be short. He focused on Austin’s Butterfly. This story has an underlying growth mindset which relies upon the support of good feedback which enables the student to demonstrate growth and is achieved through the student’s determination to persevere. To obtain this type […]

OETC Conference part 2

Further reflection on Yong Zhao’s keynote takes me to questions that he posed for the audience to consider: What is readiness for life? Are you learning something that cannot be replaced by machines or moved overseas? Are our schools valuing creativity? Does the education system coupled with the other significant institutions in our society provide our young […]

OETC Conference Part 1

Last week I attended the OETC Conference. There were two reasons for attending. The first was to present and the second was to listen to Yong Zhao at the Keynote on the Thursday. Due to still needing to attend to commitments regarding study I did not attend for the whole conference. I attended the pre-conference day […]

Opportunity…do you take it?

When opportunity arises do you grab it with both hands and run with it? What thoughts go through your mind? Last semester I was offered the opportunity to teach an undergrad class at Ohio University starting this semester on January 12. The course is called Technology Applications in Education. For me I felt I had to […]