The following portfolio for class 5012 is based in Evernote, as I wanted to explore the use of Evernote a little more. To date I have used Evernote to share information that I have stored there, along with a space to keep documentation of students performance that is detailed and valuable for reporting processes. I have never used it as a space to document my own learning. So this has a two fold reason for existence, the first being a place for my portfolio to exist and the second for me to use it as a student might. The second reason is extremely important to me as a teacher. Often we introduce the use of different tools and resources from the teacher perspective, consideration of the student access and use is often not seen until in the middle of using the tool or the resources – so this gives me an idea of what might come into play if I wanted to use Evernote as a portfolio space.

Please be aware that this is a space that is under construction. That is it will be added to and taken away form as I seen the need. Also some of the links may not provide the general viewer access – just one of those things, some things are not for the broader public viewing, so may only be accessible to a few.

Here is the link to the portfolio:

Portfolio for 5012