Sharing the learning re hackathons #hardiefellowship

One of the wonderful things that came out of my Hardie Fellowship was becoming more connected with TERpodcast and having the opportunity to share some of the things that I was doing while in the USA for the year. One opportunity that presented itself was attending and helping out with a virtual reality hackathon mini in New Jersey with Marianne Malmstrom, Steve Isaacs, Sarah Rolle, Damon Hernandez, Rurik Nackerud and Peggy Sheehy. During the day I was able to interview some of the students who were making the most of the opportunity and those who had put effort in making the day possible (Marianne and Steve). These interviews were then used for one of the TERpodcast episodes.

When ideas, snapshots of moments and events get published on the internet you don’t know where they will end up or who will listen. But as I found out last week Peter Mahony, the Education and Digital Learning Manager from the MAAS Museum, has listened in and is keen on the idea of a hackathon aimed at high school aged students. As I was in Sydney the other night, for the TERpodcast Teachmeet Engage and their second birthday celebrations, I had the opportunity to meet with Peter briefly. It was wonderful to meet a gentleman with such enthusiasm and commitment to providing the youth of Sydney and surrounds with opportunities that will stretch their thinking and learning. I look forward to being kept up to date with regard to where this goes and the form it will take to successfully fit within the context of the museum and the audience that it is aimed at.

On another note, I would love to see students in Tasmania have a similar opportunity. I was particularly excited to see some students from Launceston College and St Pats College participate in the recent #Govhack which was held in Launceston at the Innovation Circle on the weekend of July 5. Nat Bott and Harry_Mess worked with the St Pats students to create the following:

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