Creating requires deep thinking.

During my time in the USA I was privileged to work with Jeff Kuhn. I mentioned the project we worked on together in an earlier post – Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning. Recently our project was acknowledged in two Ohio University spaces: 1. The Backdrop Magazine 2. On reflection, the one thing that still sits strongly […]

Reflections on #MinecraftLA part 1

If you follow me on Twitter or are connected to me via Facebook you will be aware that I attended the #MinecraftLA summit in mid March. It was wonderful to be in a room of educators who have used Minecraft as part of the learning experience they offer. For an insight into the twitter conversation […]

I’ve graduated, where’s my job?

Over the last month or so it has become evident that education graduates have started to question the situation that they are finding themselves in, especially with the announcement of New Teacher Intern Placement Program. Most recently on ABC local news this story aired; Tasmanian teacher graduates struggling to find work slam government cuts. My question […]

Interesting move…UTAS

In recent days there has been talk about moving the Launceston campus of UTAS, currently housed at Newnham, to Inveresk. It has certainly brought about some discussion via the Examiner article on May 23. Universities finding themselves placed in a central location within a city or town is nothing new. In the USA there are numerous college […]

The education narrative, what’s the impact? #NAPLAN

What is our story? What is the narrative of our education system in Australia? What makes it unique and what makes it similar to other places around the world? This is one of the things that I have found interesting during my Hardie Fellowship, listening to the narrative of the USA education system and then […]

Videos from today #vrhackmini

Lots has happened today. For an overview view this mashup of the day To gain a perspective on what it all means to students who have been involved watch the following videos: Knowclue’s (an organiser of the event) perspective of the Virtual Reality Hackathon Mini:

More pitches # workinglunch #vrhackmini

Lunch has just finished. Most chose to have a working lunch over pizza, the hackathoners dream food. So we continue to explore what the students are doing – what problems are they solving. Our team is called EMS Hackathoners and is made up of Wills Jonathan and Gio. We are improving our school community, we […]

Pitches continued at #VRhackmini

It is exciting watching the pitches developing into reality. Izzy and Shuran have been outside checking to see if their game works with regard to GPS activation of the wolves they have set up to chase players. While other team members work on the art work. Reha gets support with regard to the code she is using […]

Kids give pitches re initial ideas at #VRhackmini

There are some awesome pitches to start the day off – check them out! Team Wired, consisting of Ishan, Kris, Reha, and Garrett, is looking to build an astronomical education game. Through Unity, we will design a VR experience which educates you about our solar system. It will be using the Oculus Rift, to make […]

#VRHackmini is underway

This morning I got up extra early (before 7 – yes that is early!) for an exciting day, a hackathon for kids. We are at the Bergen Makerspace. There is something so cool about being a mere observer. There is something so cool about being in a room of excited kids who are keen to […]


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