Conversations lead to thinking #2

I am still reflecting on the conversations that I had with Ian Smith, from the long weekend in Buckland. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss, consider and have your thinking stretched and challenged. It is even more pleasurable when this happens unexpectedly. When these conversations lead to supporting your teaching practice and enable […]

Conversations lead to thinking

For the long weekend we travelled south to Buckland and stayed at a quaint bed and breakfast. B&Bs are always interesting with regard to who you might meet and where that might lead. Due to the location of the B&B, dinner in was the most convenient option. As a result, we were able to meet […]

Value #Hardiefellowship

When I consider what value the Hardie Fellowship has had beyond myself there are a few key things that come to mind: I was able to share my experience and insight regarding running a hackathon for high school students to Peter Mahony, who is the Education & Digital Learning Manager at the Museum of Applied Arts & […]


Over the last few months I have been questioning the value of the Hardie Fellowship that I did. I spent 12 months away from home, my partner, friends and my dogs. I had the awesome opportunity to make new friends and catch up with friends that I had developed via Twitter. These opportunities, along with […]

I need to blog

I have been reminded today that I need to blog. Thanks @debsnet :) I have been thinking about it for a little while, but am finding it hard to find the time. But I think it is time. Time to start sharing what is in my head in this space and sharing the learning from the last […]

It’s finished…the dissertation that is

Over the last 7 months I have immersed myself into an Honours dissertation. Why? Good question. It will provide a pathway to a PhD, if I decide to take that journey. At times it has been exciting, interviewing people who have been hosts of @EduTweetOz was a lot of fun (thank you all for giving […]


As news breaks about who managed to get top spot regarding the TCE (ATAR) scores in Tasmania I think it is worth reflecting on the language that we use and what does it really mean. What message are we conveying and how is this deeply entrenched in our culture. As Tasmania moves forward to embrace […]

#Minecraft Club – what it looked like

  Nathaniel has done a wonderful job of documenting the work he has done with the young people who participated in our first Minecraft Club in Launceston, which was supported by the QVMAG and Definium and held at the Battery Shed. For an insight into the 6 weeks of fun and exploration, learning with each […]

#Minecraftclub fun fun fun!

The Minecraft Club is well underway and has just finished its 4th session. Nat will be documenting the ins and outs of the program shortly, but I just can’t help but comment – as last night was so much FUN! There is something awesome about a room full of young people who are working together on […]

How do we view technology?

One of the classes that I appreciated attending while at Ohio University was Advanced Seminar – IT Philosophy. I did not gain assessment in this class, as I chose to attend as an extra – just for the joy of it. And it was a joy, we had wonderful questions and resulting discussions that focused around […]


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