Creating requires deep thinking.

During my time in the USA I was privileged to work with Jeff Kuhn. I mentioned the project we worked on together in an earlier post – Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning. Recently our project was acknowledged in two Ohio University spaces:

1. The Backdrop Magazine

Only What You Can Carry - Backdrop Magazine

Only What You Can Carry – Backdrop Magazine


Ohio University News Stories (communication)

Ohio University News Stories (communication)

On reflection, the one thing that still sits strongly with me is the process of deep learning that we undertook as part of the creative process attached to this project. We identified a strong need to ensure that we designed our story in a manner that built on theming as, identified by Jesse Schell from Schell Games in his book The Art of Game Design. This led to spending time creating, recreating, mixing and remixing ideas and media we were using to support the overall concept we were focussing our energies on. Undertaking this project gave me greater understanding and appreciation of the effort, time and considerations that it takes to make a well formed artefact like a video game or interactive mobile story. I stand in awe of people who craft beautiful sentences that take ones mind on a journey. To incorporate visuals and auditory props to build on the written work, in a space that is open to many distractions, takes great skill. Bringing these together requires a craftsmanship that skilfully builds the theme/s across all media used.

The tool used for this project was ARIS. Playingmondo is another similar tool.

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