Have we moved on from the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

Have we moved on from the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

This week has been fascinating, it appears that things have begun to recover after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which then led to the #deletefacebook movement. This movement seemed to have a small, but noticeable impact for a moment on the pages that I support. However, from a quick look this weekend it appears that the main […]

Social media – what story are you sharing? What impact does it have?

Social media – what story are you sharing? What impact does it have?

Love it or hate it, social media is a place that provides a fascinating insight into who we are as people and as individuals. We happily share our thoughts and happenings, engage with people we know or don’t, in a range of spaces – private, closed or open. It is often a place were the […]

Time to create

Time to create

In my previous post I made comment to taking time out to create, or more specifically giving oneself permission to take time out to be creative by participating in a creative activity. It is fascinating listening to people when you start a conversation around creativity. I often find that people push back and quickly state […]

The Big G of Games

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar where James Gee presented on the Big G of games. It is always a pleasure to listen to James Gee and consider the aspects of gaming that he unpacks. He has certainly given me insight into the concept of skills learnt and the literacy associated with game […]

Culture – How much do we think about it?

This semester I am enrolled in a unit called Methodology and Culture: Issues and Applications in Educational Research. Last night we had our second class that considered an article called Scholars Before Researchers: On the Centrality of the Dissertation Literature Review in Research Preparation by David N. Boote and Penny Beile. The question we started with was […]

Why I love being connected.

Being connected is something important to me, and each day I realise how important it really is. This week I was given the task of finding a program that would turn music played on an electronic keyboard to sheet music for use in an educational setting such as a school. My immersion into playing a […]

Why I read #tlap, what I thought…

A month or so ago I read Teach Like a Pirate. I am putting a disclaimer out here right now as it is not a book that I am naturally drawn too. I read it due to Jen English’s post on her blog titled Teaching is not entertainment…Is it? and the newly developed slow chat book club […]

Future Growth 5012

Looking back over the last 16 weeks (well 13 at this stage), I have become aware of the need to give time to tinkering, to playing with applications and determining their potential for learning. This has been a broader theme of my learning this year as part of my Hardie Fellowship, which has allowed me […]

Meaningful Play – part 3 #mplay

So this is my third post about Meaningful Play. I prefer to give small chunks or takeaways when I reflect on a conference as there is a lot to consider and pack in. I also like to take a bit of time to think about what I really did learn or develop greater understanding about. […]

Meaningful Play – part 1 #mplay

The other week I had the opportunity to attend the Meaningful Play Conference in Lansing Michigan. For the tweets that flowed from the conference you can check out #mplay or take a look at the storify here: And for those that would like to dig deep and read some of the papers presented at the conference […]