Time to get back into this blogging thing

I realised the other day that I haven’t blogged for some time and started to reflect on why this journey of sharing my learning and my thoughts began. A number of years back I encountered some workplace bullying and after life started to get back together a little I found this a great place to connect, share and consider things connected to education. I have to admit that it was also driven by my desire to understand this blogging thing and other online spaces that would benefit the learning that was going on in my classes. Since being in a completely different role for a little over a year I have found it difficult to blog, I think partly because I found it difficult to determine what might interest those who were readers of my blog. Let’s face it, my current role doesn’t come with the excitement of gaming, exploring environments that you can create, build and explore. Yes, that Minecraft thing.

So what does the new role provide me with when I consider sharing my learning and thoughts…….

One of the things that I have appreciated is seeing the talents of a colleague that I work with grow and be recognised more widely by the tribe she connects with online, to a point where she now produces a regular magazine. This person has taught me a huge amount, her creativity is incredible and her thoughtfulness in the area of community management is amazing. She challenges me to strive to take time out to be creative, but I have to admit that I rarely achieve it, but at the moment I am taking a moment or two.

Why is this important?

Well, as with all jobs we encounter dissonance, but sometimes it is more evident. It is during these times that creative pursuits provide an outlet allowing us to bring some balance, or moments to escape, from the misalignment that is occurring.  Eventually the pieces will start to come together…..jigsaw.jpg


  1. Well that was unexpected, but a beautiful thing to close the night out with. We are all creative in some way, and I believe that art is therapy! And yes the pieces will come together!

  2. Mrs Cresdee says:

    Thanks for posting again. I very much relate to what you wrote.

  3. aarondavis1 says:

    Great to have you back in the blogosphere Donelle. Not sure we ever stop learning about this blogging thing. Leaving the classroom has been interesting in regards to writing and reflecting. However, I always love learning so there is always something.

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