Balancing the risks and the opportunities re the cloud

This morning I woke to a blog post by Roger Stack. I enjoy reading his posts. He places considerable thought into what he shares. And when I talk to him I always get the real sense that he is very focused on student learning. His post focussed on the risks and opportunities using cloud services […]

Future Growth 5012

Looking back over the last 16 weeks (well 13 at this stage), I have become aware of the need to give time to tinkering, to playing with applications and determining their potential for learning. This has been a broader theme of my learning this year as part of my Hardie Fellowship, which has allowed me […]

Reflections on Class 5012

Over this semester I have participated in the class 5012, which is called Technology in Education – Open Source Content. The course has been run on a Saturday morning via Google Hangout. The course overview is as follows: In this course, we will explore free and available tools for learning by engaging directly in hands-on technology […]

Meaningful Play – part 3 #mplay

So this is my third post about Meaningful Play. I prefer to give small chunks or takeaways when I reflect on a conference as there is a lot to consider and pack in. I also like to take a bit of time to think about what I really did learn or develop greater understanding about. […]

Meaningful Play – part 2 #mplay

As part of the Meaningful Play Conference there were events to explore a range of technology. One evening presented the opportunity to test out some new products hitting the marketplace. TechSmith is a company that produces Camtasia. Their latest development is AppShow. This app allows you to record straight from the iPad or iPhone and include a […]

Meaningful Play – part 1 #mplay

The other week I had the opportunity to attend the Meaningful Play Conference in Lansing Michigan. For the tweets that flowed from the conference you can check out #mplay or take a look at the storify here: And for those that would like to dig deep and read some of the papers presented at the conference […]

MyState Film Festival – Trevallyn Primary School #minecraft

A big smile came across my face today when I got to view the work of some wonderful students. These students have used our Minecraft server to build their world for the film they have made for the MyState Film Festival 2014. The cool thing about this project is that it involved lots of different […]

Khan Academy, K-12, Moodle and Teachers Pay Teachers

Occasionally I say things that get people’s attention, sometimes I need to think before I speak… If only I could rewind and start again, is something that does at times go through my head. And this occurred the other day when I made an off handed comment about some tools we were looking at for […]

137 days have passed… #hardiefellowship

137 days have passed… #hardiefellowship

It’s been a while since I found time to sit, reflect and put my thoughts down in this space. Sometimes finding the time to do all three is challenging, especially when life gets busy. Today I noticed that I have been away from Tasmania for 137 days, I am over one third of the way […]

Time to play! Time to play with apps.

Over the course of this semester, in one of the units I am enrolled in, we are to explore a range of applications for education. The use of this term intrigues me, to say the least. What is an application? I ask this question because I am concerned that my understanding may be limited and […]


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