I have been using this app to communicate with a range of educators in Australia while living in the USA. I like it as it provides an easy way to communicate through voice. It acts a little like a walkie talkie. I can access conversations sent by others at the time that is suitable to me, so that makes it a little different. The flow of conversation is significantly different to using say Skype or Google Hangout for a voice conversation. You cannot interrupt the person who is speaking. I have found this valuable from a listening perspective, How often do we jump in and send a conversation along a different path before allowing the one delivering to finish their point? As conversation is not required to occur synchronously one can take time to think before responding. In saying that when operating in a group environment sometimes the conversation may have moved on by the time you go to build on a previous conversation. Managing this aspect seems to be a key consideration.

What does Voxer look like?

Is this app good for using with students?

  1. It works like a walkie talkie.
  2. It would work well with a group of students who are doing a scavenger type task – allowing collaboration, team discussion, identifying location. We do an activity in the city of Launceston where students need to find 16 historical locations/buildings, using an app like this would be quite fun.
  3. The sharing of location adds an interesting element re knowing with each other is.
  4. Sharing findings via voice and text and pictures is a great way of working on communication skills within the group
  5. Offers opportunity to build in conversation around digital citizenship
  6. It’s simple


Limitation/things to be aware of:

  1. Age restriction – 13, nicely framed up with requiring parental support in understanding TOS under the age of 18
  2. Heavy on battery
  3. Needs wifi/data
  4. Voice, text and pictures can be forwarded on
  5. Voice is not shared as a mp3
  6. Occasionally the voice does not upload to the recipients

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