The Novelist is a fantastic game that gives you a hauntingly raw experience of the decisions and impacts those decisions have on the life of a family. You get to listen to the memories and explore the thoughts and dreams of the characters in the game. You then make the decisions for them. You are ‘playing God’, so to speak. Your emotions and past experiences impact on the game as you play, wanting to achieve an outcome that sits well with you. Or are you brave enough to choose a path that does not sit well with you? One that allows you to explore an alternate outcome?


I found myself being desperately aware of the potential that the family could fall apart if real love was not demonstrated. It is easy to say yes to something that if a quick fix, but harder to make a decision that may not please all, yet has long term benefit. Then that moment arises that real commitment can be shown, will you take the opportunity to do that or make a choice that is significant but fails to address your commitment to the other…

This game allows you to explore values and emotions. I think it is a great game to explore the concept of choice, decision making and consequences. Not to mention the notion of family dynamics and what underpins them. This game could easily be used within a Health and wellbeing type of curriculum, or an issues based group of lessons that look at building the understandings associated with decision making. This game also uses a range of story options based on choice and hence could be used in an English class. Furthermore, it provides an interesting way of using different artifacts to tell a story

The only consideration that I see with this game is that of cost, and of course to determine appropriateness it is important that you play the game first.

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