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Week 1

I decided to join in with the #walkmyworld project which is focusing on digital literacy. Over the next ten weeks you will get an insight into my world 🙂 I am hoping to incorporate this into my Grade 7 and 8 English classes this year. In fact it will fit in perfectly as I will only be at work for 10 weeks this year before I head off to the USA.

Looking for a cool spot.

Looking for a cool spot.

This week has seen some rather warm days for Tasmania, and in particular Launceston. As a result finding a cool place to be has been a priority for my dogs and me. The carport seemed to be their preferred place. They adored being taken to a river later in the week where swimming was enjoyed and certainly provided not only them but us a cooling experience.

Week 2

This week I have been inspired by Kate, who is also participating in this challenge. She used ThinkLink to add another level to her picture. So here is my effort 🙂

My focus this week is on tinkering, creating and problem solving, things that I enjoy doing and concepts that I have learnt a lot about from my students over the last two years. Click on the pic to go to the interactive ThinkLink 🙂


Week 3

The long weekend enabled a visit to Bruny Island, Tasmania. It is an amazing place to visit with incredible history that includes whalers, botanists, convicts and of course that of its indigenous people. It is reasonably isolated and a ferry is the only way onto the island, unless you have your own boat. Many of the roads are not sealed, which also ensures that fewer people frequent this gorgeous place. We explored the southern end of the island this time and caught up with friends at Adventure Bay. The video gives an overview of our weekend and of course the last pic is one of waiting for the ferry to take us back to the ‘mainland’.