LiveScribe3 – Taking notes with LiveScribe3 has made my note taking so much easier. I find I remember and understand better through taking handwritten notes. This pen has provided me a great option to incorporate my notes digitally. By clicking on the link you will find our more with regard to my thoughts.


Some applications that I will be placing here in the near future include:

iDoceo which I have used for a couple of years now for attendance and assessment

iNoteBox which I have used for housing classroom and school information, yet it is not one I have continued with.

Markup which I have toyed with re marking assignments

Organizer HD a calendar plus more

WhiteNote which I have used to take notes re student work in the textiles and foods area.

Evernote – my current favourite

IQTELL – a great app for working through tasks that include allocating tasks to emails. This also links into Evernote.

Example of Tracking using Google Forms

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