LiveScribe3 is my favourite tech tool along with the consequent apps associated as a result at the moment. I love writing notes, I remember where I have written them, I remember what I have jotted down. The process of synthesising what is being said into a hand written note works for me. I have tried a range of styluses and have not been overly taken with them with regard to using my iPad, not to mention that I have lost them or they have broken within a short space of time. However, LiveScribe3 seems to be just what I am looking for to create that connection between handwriting and the digital environment. I can write notes and share them, save them into specific cloud storage spaces and incorporate audio. The functions associated with the LiveScribe3 go beyond that too – there is tagging (still needs some work for me), adding pics and converting handwriting to typed text within the LiveScribe app.

Here is a quick overview of how the notes are stored and shared.


You have a range of options re paper – Moleskin journal, exercise books, sticky notes and more, you do need to use the paper designed for the pen.

This pic demonstrates the ability to move handwriting to typed text and to create an event.

2014-11-14 19.13.37



Cost – paper and the pen are not cheap

Requires iOs – iPad (gen 3 and mini and above) and iPhone (4S and above)

Needs charging – the battery life is significant



Notes can be easily stored in OneNote and Evernote

Notes can be easily share

Ensures that there is a back up if you lose your notebook

Can record audio as you are taking notes

If you don’t have your iPhone or iPad handy it can be synched later to the LiveScribe app

Provides accessibility for those that may find keyboards difficult



With regard to learning, it is a great tool and app for the student and the teacher. The ability to share information that you have jotted down is wonderful. Having access to your notes in a range of environments is extremely handy. Furthermore, you can easily more dates/meeting times etc to your calendar.


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