Video/Movie Production

Documenting learning can be done in a number of ways. I often provide students the opportunity for choice, with regard to how they document their understanding and knowledge acquisition. I believe that it is important to provide students with an example of what that might look like. I would use this video as an example, one that they can unpack. It also provides opportunity for them to identify flaws that that they can be mindful of when making their own movie/video.

I would be inclined to use this movie in a Society and History class due to the content. However, it could be used in other areas where using interview and a documentary style movie creation was appropriate.


To create this movie iMovie, GarageBand, iPhone Camera and free music was used.




iMovie is straightforward application using an easy drag and drop concept. The different elements required in a movie are set out on the left hand side of the screen, such as transitions. Importing video, pictures and sound is a simple click and add. You then have options to refine the element that you have imported so that flow is created in your movie. Exporting the movie simple too, yet takes time to accomplish the upload – something that needs to be considered in the classroom environment if students are required to log off computers at the end of a 50 minute lesson. Significant planning and thought needs to be given to producing a video, this includes the narrative, the use of visual and sound elements to support the narrative. iMove allows you to constantly check and refine your work before it is exported/shared.

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