Explain Everything – an example of how I could use it in the classroom

Basic outline:

  • Use in a Geography/History class focussing on place.
  • Used to present student story re how they came to live in Launceston.

Skills developed/learning outcomes within the task

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • Questioning/interviewing
  • Research
  • Mapping skills
  • Determining presentation design using Explain Everything
  • Presenting information
  • Understanding of personal history
  • Develop understanding of place
  • Awareness of transportation

Outcomes that could be arrived at using Explain Everything separate from the subject

  • lower anxiety re presenting for some students
  • Consideration re information presented
  • Practicing – recording and then re-recording to get the voice over right – fluency
  • Understanding how to organise information in a multi-modal text format
  • Understanding copyright and creative commons


Other examples of how Explain Everything has been used by teachers:

I spent some time discussing this app with some primary teachers with regard to how they use it in their classrooms. Below are two examples of student work from lower primary classes. The first describes the process the child goes through regarding a mathematical concept. The second demonstrates understanding of an English concept. I initially didn’t see the apps relevance with regard to such young children. I think it is good to  ask beyond ones own context to increase understanding for application.





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