Civilization 5 is a game that requires you to think carefully about your interactions with others. It identifies that peace is tenuous between countries and that every action has an impact. It takes the player on a journey where they create their own civilization that develops its own culture and economy based on the choices made. Along the way you interact with other civilizations and relationships that you have with them are determined by your interactions, values and needs. At times you may develop alliances and other times you may not be willing to enter into any negotiations. Initially it is about survival at it’s most basic, but as the society you develop becomes more complex so do the decisions you and the impacts of them.


Our grade 7 curriculum focuses on ancient civilizations and this game would be a great beginning point, it would quickly catch the eye of a number who find reading and other less immersive forms of learning engaging. Although there is significant text in this game there is voice over and there is reason to read. Continued playing of the game would enable great conversations about the different aspects of civilizations such as the different ages and the values held by different groups and how they come to be so important. From this it would enable linking into today and how our societies have formed and evolved. I would focus my conversations in a way that the game play isn’t made to fit the curriculum, but rather worked into the game through noticing what is happening in the game.


So, it is now time for me to get back to playing, I have a city to defend 😉

Screenshot 2014-10-03 19.27.12


  • Fun and engaging
  • Sets the scene well and on re-entry to the game one is reminded of the tenuous nature of peace
  • Develops good understanding of the concepts through play
  • Multiplayer and Singleplayer options


  • Cost
  • Time required – stopping is hard (oops) maybe that is me
  • Might pose some issues within a school setting – set up considerations

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