#prep4work2016 – Takeaways-Number 2

Preparing for Work in Times of Rapid Change I have been thinking about what my next takeaway regarding this conference has been. For some reason I keep coming back the notion of agency, and what do we think of when we consider agency? How much do we believe circumstance impacts on agency? From this thought I […]

#Minecraft Club – what it looked like

  Nathaniel has done a wonderful job of documenting the work he has done with the young people who participated in our first Minecraft Club in Launceston, which was supported by the QVMAG and Definium and held at the Battery Shed. For an insight into the 6 weeks of fun and exploration, learning with each […]

#Minecraftclub fun fun fun!

The Minecraft Club is well underway and has just finished its 4th session. Nat will be documenting the ins and outs of the program shortly, but I just can’t help but comment – as last night was so much FUN! There is something awesome about a room full of young people who are working together on […]

Computational Thinking – is it confined to computing?

It’s the latest buzz word – Computational Thinking. What do you think of when you hear it? A quick search of the Australian Curriculum puts it squarely in the Technology learning area, specifically that of digital technology, but is that where it sits? Can it be found in other areas? Is it not just a […]

Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning

Mobile technology has certainly become common place. Access to smartphones and tablets has increased the ability people have to access information, interact with their environment and others while exploring areas of interest. This has increased the plausible and realistic opportunities available regarding learning on the move or mobile learning. There are two books I have […]

Watching social media

Over the last week or so I have been watching social media with regard to a range of issues that are brewing as a result of budgetary constraints, which are now taking effect under the current government, both at federal (ABC funding) and state level (Tasmanian public sector job cuts which have led to stop […]

Meaningful Play – part 2 #mplay

As part of the Meaningful Play Conference there were events to explore a range of technology. One evening presented the opportunity to test out some new products hitting the marketplace. TechSmith is a company that produces Camtasia. Their latest development is AppShow. This app allows you to record straight from the iPad or iPhone and include a […]

MyState Film Festival – Trevallyn Primary School #minecraft

A big smile came across my face today when I got to view the work of some wonderful students. These students have used our Minecraft server to build their world for the film they have made for the MyState Film Festival 2014. The cool thing about this project is that it involved lots of different […]

#ISTE2014 Reflection Number 1 #iphoneography

Since signing up to twitter in 2009 I have been keen to attend ISTE due to seeing tweets pop up that captivated my interest and conversations occurring in the twitter-sphere. Well this year, thanks to the generosity of the Hardie Fellowship, I was able to attend. I signed up for a session on the pre-conference day, […]

Things are ramping up for #ProjectMIST

I go away for a few days and come back to find the students are motivated and building with enthusiasm. The Grade 7 lunch time group has set up their Skype group. They are now busily continuing their discussions regarding what they want to achieve at home while they are playing on the server. Mr […]