#prep4work2016 – Takeaways-Number 2

Preparing for Work in Times of Rapid Change

I have been thinking about what my next takeaway regarding this conference has been. For some reason I keep coming back the notion of agency, and what do we think of when we consider agency? How much do we believe circumstance impacts on agency? From this thought I start to consider what is the real impact of disadvantage? I question this, as there was significant emphasis on capabilities and skills at the conference. What if, for those capabilities and skills to develop, some basics requirements are not attended to that could, and should, be addressed within the school system?

These pics are not great (oops, dodgy photography), they come from the presentation by @asmssusan. My question is, what on these lists is impacted by disadvantage? I further question whether decision making within the education system and on the ground within the school setting has an impact on the development of these capabilities and skills? If anything is, then what can be done to create greater equity/access and reduce the impact of disadvantage? There is a growing focus on digital literacy, digital capabilities, communication, STEM and emotional management. How does this inform what we might need to be considering within the school setting? I don’t have any answers necessarily, however, I think we need to consider basic access to tools that enable these skills and capabilities to be addressed and developed, from there it is about the what and how of the classroom. Both of these are directly impacted by system decisions.

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