#prep4work2016 – Takeaways-Number 1


Preparing for work in a time of rapid change:

I was asked if I was going to write a blog post regarding the conference I attended over the last two days and my initial response was no, I don’t have the time. On rethinking this I have decided to write, write in small bursts….so here is my first one.

The first take away (and these are in no particular order of importance) is if you want that job, employ someone to write your CV/resume/application.

When I first started considering this seriously, around a year ago, there was something that irked me both morally and ethically. I guess I was brought up in a past time where this was frowned upon, and gathered some fairly scathing comments from people I respected. But is that the case now?


You see, writing to get the interview means getting past the BOT – yes that’s right, your written application/CV/resume may not see the human eye until it has passed through the first phase, where an Application Tracking System/BOT is used to whittle down the vast array of applications to a manageable number for human consumption.

Hey, and after all, employing someone to write for you is creating a job for another person – the economy keeps turning!

Now to find someone to write for me…

There are a number of applications you can use to support you writing your own:





But what does this lead me to consider? An Application Tracking System is reliant on algorithms. This article proves an interesting read:  http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/10/upshot/when-algorithms-discriminate.html

The notion of paying someone to write one’s CV/resume/application, coupled with the limitations of algorithms leads me to ponder disadvantage. How are we supporting those already disadvantaged within our society – does this alienate more? What is our role as educators, and in particular educators in a public system, with regard to supporting our students?



  1. annadelconte says:

    Hi Donelle, I have written resumes for my parents who are of non-English speaking background. Maybe there could be like a resume-aid group with experts who write resumes pro bono for the poor or disadvantaged to get around the bots? Glad to hear your thoughts again, Anne

  2. K says:

    What’s the going rate for someone to sit your interview for you on your behalf?

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