Thoughts, questions and more thoughts…

The majority of time spent in this space has been focused around Minecraft…

Minecraft no longer takes up hours of my day…

Underlying my use of Minecraft was a distinct desire to engage learners, take them on a journey, one where they learnt more about the learning process and broader concepts, skills and understanding related to life. And in the process I learnt way more than I expected.

I am now at a point where I no longer use Minecraft to do this…

It feels kind of odd to post here. Yet this blog started as a place for me to express my thoughts and my own learning. So I should continue to use it. Use it in a way that digs deep into areas that build on the reason I started using Minecraft in the first place. The passion of learning, digging deep into things that interest, while developing an understanding of their place and purpose.

It was funny, in a weird kind of funny way, Minecraft seemed to start to define me. And did I want that? NO! This stood out to me when I was attending the first Minecraft Summit, held in LA, when the question was raised “Are you a Minecraft teacher?”. This irked me! I am not a Minecraft teacher. I am not about to let that define me. Define who I am. I don’t want to be squished into a box (block)!

When thinking further on what defines me and who I am, it is complex. I am not defined by my career, and it has taken a long time for me to realise this, as I have in the past spent hours immersed in education based ‘stuff’. I think doing the Honours part of a Master of Education helped me see that. You see, I realised that the driver behind completing it, and being admitted to the degree Master of Education with Honours, required me as the whole person to participate in the process. Educator was, and is, only part of me. Maybe that is what I learnt through undertaking the dissertation?


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