Value #Hardiefellowship

When I consider what value the Hardie Fellowship has had beyond myself there are a few key things that come to mind:

  1. I was able to share my experience and insight regarding running a hackathon for high school students to Peter Mahony, who is the Education & Digital Learning Manager at the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney which encompasses the Powerhouse Museum. This came as a result of being involved in a VR hachathon mini, which I blogged about here.
  2. I have supported a local business in Tasmania set up after school clubs that focus on technology use as the vehicle for young people to get together and explore so much more. I blogged about this here, here and here. This has now grown and I have stepped away. The link to follow the journey will be added here soon.
  3. I have had the awesome opportunity to help out with the TERpodcast and share my learning at their birthday celebrations last year.
  4. I was able to share my learnings at the recent HEIA Tas meeting, which was a joy as not only was I sharing but I was catching up with colleagues I have not seen for some time.
  5. I have been provided the opportunity to support teachers internationally via the Microsoft Education site as a guest speaker. This came about due to the strong connections I have in the Minecraft space and being invited to the Minecraft LA Summit. This kicked off the direction that Microsoft has taken with regard to education and Minecraft.
  6. Completed my dissertation that provides and interesting insight into understanding the impact of a rotation curation Twitter account on the guest tweeter.
  7. I was provided the opportunity to share my learning and understanding regarding minecraft as a learning tool or learning community at the STEAM conference in Hobart. 

So when I think about it, there has been value provided back to the community. The value may not be directed in the space of my current job, but I am actively supporting the broader community.


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