I need to blog

I have been reminded today that I need to blog. Thanks @debsnet 🙂 I have been thinking about it for a little while, but am finding it hard to find the time. But I think it is time. Time to start sharing what is in my head in this space and sharing the learning from the last year, which has now had time for reflective consideration. I also think I need to share my thoughts, observations, struggles and learning from this year too, as they are informed and supported by the past.

In the past I have blogged about being bullied and the impact that it had, blogging about it occurred as a result of a situation that happened while I was in the USA. Healing from such bullying can take time, care and support. I know that I have been afforded these. Although this is the case I have recently found myself in a situation where those old wounds have been given some air. It is like the bandaid has been ripped off and the wound has started weeping. So it hurts. It scabs over for a bit and then a couple of days later it gets a little knock again, at which point the pain reappears.

I feel ok though, I know I am supported at home and in the workplace. I know that by being up front and honest about it, is the best approach. It doesn’t make it a ‘walk in the park’, as wounds that are healing have a tendency to remind you that they are there when you least want to acknowledge their presence. Sometimes the pain is a little crippling. But it is not long term. I have options and I will explore them as needed. For the now I will push myself a little more each day, and aim at attending the staff dinner although I know my anxiety levels will be fairly huge in that moment.


  1. annadelconte says:

    So sorry to read this Donelle. Take care.

  2. My pleasure, Donelle.

    I’m glad you’re ‘thinking aloud’ in this space. May it bring you reflection and connection.

    Deb / @debsnet

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