It’s finished…the dissertation that is

Over the last 7 months I have immersed myself into an Honours dissertation. Why? Good question. It will provide a pathway to a PhD, if I decide to take that journey. At times it has been exciting, interviewing people who have been hosts of @EduTweetOz was a lot of fun (thank you all for giving up the time to participate). At other times it has felt isolating and frustrating, leading me to doubt myself a lot. I still doubt myself.

Many days have been spent so focused that all that has been in existence is represented in the photo below (yes there is coffee in there somewhere! Thanks Off Center and Blue Cafe for keeping me focused 😉 ).

2016-01-07 16.48.30-1

At this stage I am beastly careless how I do overall. The reality is I have learnt a huge amount about myself. I have learnt an incredible amount about research and that was the intention. I have learnt about what could be in store if I head down the PhD pathway – another positive!

I have been highly encouraged by my supervisor Andrew Fluck, who has stretched my thinking and answered some of my most naive and inane questions. He has been a very patient man.

A big thanks also goes to others who have patiently supported me. This includes the EduTweetOz Admin team (particularly Corinne Campbell), Cameron Malcher (you made me realise that I needed to explain things better, so off to do better work I did go), Yuchun Zhou (your passion for research is inspiring), Angela Cook (for bouncing concepts off when things started to feel a little clouded) and Simon (for living with it for the last 7 months – life may now return to normal :P).


  1. Mrs Cresdee says:

    Congratulations! That is a huge achievement.

  2. Hey congrats!! I’m so glad you’ve submitted it. From everything you’ve said about it over the past several months, the process has been invaluable. I’m looking forward to reading the final product. 🙂

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