#Minecraftclub fun fun fun!

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The Minecraft Club is well underway and has just finished its 4th session. Nat will be documenting the ins and outs of the program shortly, but I just can’t help but comment – as last night was so much FUN! There is something awesome about a room full of young people who are working together on a large project, one they have designed, one they have complete ownership over.

Over the last four weeks they have got to know new people, learn about each others skills and appreciate what they bring to the space. They have developed a charter to support their play and then determined the worlds they want on their server and have begun furnishing the space to reflect their needs and desires.

To know that these young people are so excited to be here is one thing. To know that this space is the highlight of the week and provides a solace for some, is another. This is something that I’ve witnessed ever since starting to play Minecraft with young people, it provides a wonderful place for them to be. To be themselves. It doesn’t have the constraints and restrictions of other spaces, it doesn’t have negative preconceived perceptions. Its narrative is built around fun, exploration, creativity and being. Each young person is significant to the space, as it is reliant on them to participate and add to the space, to make it the place where they want to be.


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  1. […] the vehicle for young people to get together and explore so much more. I blogged about this here, here and here. This has now grown and I have stepped away. The link to follow the journey will be added […]

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