Pitches continued at #VRhackmini

It is exciting watching the pitches developing into reality.

Izzy and Shuran have been outside checking to see if their game works with regard to GPS activation of the wolves they have set up to chase players. While other team members work on the art work.

Reha gets support with regard to the code she is using in her teams pitch, she’s using Unity 3D.

Here is another pitch:

Our team is MidNight Ninjas featuring Anna, Bella, Danielle and Angelica. We are trying to make an app showing how to find certain places (for example Starbucks) in our area, which is Bernardsville and Basking Ridge. To be able to find these places,we are using Playing Mondo and google maps to identify these places and mark them on the map within Playing Mondo, so people who live in our area will be able to find these places easier.

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