#VRHackmini is underway

This morning I got up extra early (before 7 – yes that is early!) for an exciting day, a hackathon for kids. We are at the Bergen Makerspace. There is something so cool about being a mere observer. There is something so cool about being in a room of excited kids who are keen to solve problems and work together. This is the first mini hackathon that has been developed in conjunction with some awesome people I have been connected with for some time via twitter – @knowclue, @mr_isaacs, @ruricknackerud, @PeggySheehy and @artdabbler13. Also I have now met Mark who has provided the awesome space for the day at @BergenMakers . So far we have had Damon Hernandez kick the day off covering the things that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can do and how it is being used in industry. Here is his chat via periscope.

We are now well underway with some exciting things being explored such as PlayingMondo. So impressed with this application – very keen to try it out!

Check out our hashtag on twitter #VRhackmini for updates and video via periscope 🙂

So here are some pics of the day so far:

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