Why I love being connected.

Being connected is something important to me, and each day I realise how important it really is. This week I was given the task of finding a program that would turn music played on an electronic keyboard to sheet music for use in an educational setting such as a school. My immersion into playing a musical instrument stopped when I was in grade 8. I had a wonderful piano teacher, yet I lacked the commitment to practice. I also had my lesson after an exceptionally skilled pianist and I kept measuring myself against an unreasonable scale. I wonder if my music career would have been somewhat different if I had approached it with a different mindset – one of growth. Putting that aside there are great things that come from this past experience and they are called connections, knowledge and understanding.

To help me get started I went straight to three people who I know who have specific skill in this area that I am connected with, one is living here in Athens Ohio, one in Australia and one living in Cambodia. Each of these people have amazing skill and knowledge of the area I am needing information and help with. And even better each has a different focus with regard to their music. Then I took it further and threw it out in a tweet and some wonderful followers of mine retweeted and specifically connected me to others. This is my list so far:


http://midisheetmusic.sourceforge.net/ – available on google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.midisheetmusic


http://www.finalemusic.com/ details on cost  https://store.makemusic.com/Store/default.aspx?tab=notation&_ga=1.132012815.1058445634.1421285734





The music educator in Athens will be key to the support I need in the face to face setting with regard to the task I am undertaking.

The thing I find most interesting about this is that without the tools of Facebook, Twitter and Google Hangout, I would not have this list at my finger tips right now as it would take me considerably longer to gather this list together. The best thing about this list is that I know that people who are immersed in the area of music are using these tools. So the tools themselves I know will be useful, it is now just working out what will work best within the constraints that exist.

A big thank you to those on Twitter for your support here:

Sue Waters and Greg Thompson – for connecting me to others

Daniel LeemanLaura Roberts and Chris Russell – for contributing to the list

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