Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning

Mobile technology has certainly become common place. Access to smartphones and tablets has increased the ability people have to access information, interact with their environment and others while exploring areas of interest. This has increased the plausible and realistic opportunities available regarding learning on the move or mobile learning. There are two books I have recently read that explore this notion and are definitely worth the read. They are broken up into manageable sections and you can just read chapters that interest you. They are:

Mobile Media Learning

The New Landscape of Mobile Learning

Both these books were used as texts for a class I have just completed this semester at Ohio University called Advanced Seminar: Mobile Media Learning. The class focussed on creating a mobile game. The one I made with Jeff Kuhn, The Things We Carry, concentrated on developing a strong narrative connected to place to elicit emotion from our players.

Screenshot 2014-12-16 10.01.53

As a result of this class I have started looking for interesting things that people are doing in this area in Australia. One great example popped up in my twitter feed and was discussed further by Jan Malloy when I spoke to her recently. In fact, if it wasn’t for the conversation with Jan the tweets in my feed would have gone largely unnoticed, and I would not have been as aware of the wonderful things going on between schools and Museum Victoria. Museum Victoria was recently involved in a tweeting program through their Twitter account MV Teachers.

To get a good overview of what occurred through the use of Twitter on mobile devices I suggest your check out Celia Coffa‘s blog titled Geography Walk Meets Twitter Tour. Michelle S is the wonderful teacher who took her students on this excursion. The idea is using every day apps and allows the student to interact with experts as they are exploring their environment. Such a wonderful way to learn about subject matter and digital literacies along with digital citizenship all at the same time!


  1. Thanks Donelle,
    The interaction via the mobile devices was an eye opener. We won’t always have the opportunity to have an entomologist at our fingertips as we did that day but we have certainly set the seeds for being ‘connected’ and the value that can add to a simple experience.
    Michelle’s idea was a bit risky as the students may not have had an audience, but thankfully the Museum staff seized the opportunity !


  2. dbatty1 says:

    Great risk taking and value adding to a simple experience – love it! 🙂

  1. […] USA I was privileged to work with Jeff Kuhn. I mentioned this project in an earlier post – Mobile technology, Mobile media, Mobile learning. Recently our project was acknowledged in two Ohio University […]

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