Game Dev Tycoon

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Over the last couple of days I have been playing Game Dev Tycoon. It is a fabulous game that takes you through the history of video gaming while you create your own games and company. It covers 35 years of hardware development, its successes and pitfalls, along with what was popular with the gaming audience during that timeframe. I am keen to play it again and make different choices to see what the outcome might be. I felt quite excited that after 35 years in the business my company was still viable, it wasn’t a big player by any means, yet I employed 6 staff supporting their effectiveness by providing research and training opportunities and holidays. Speaking of holidays, as the owner of the company I was not provided opportunity to take holidays…I wonder if this would change with different choices re building my company? I played making decisions using my own moral and ethical perspectives and hence I am keen to take a different approach to experience and outcome based on a different set of morals and ethics – that’s the cool thing about games! There are also a range of things in the game I did not discover during this play session, so that is inspiring me to play again also.

Example of achievements in game:

Feedback re games you make:

Screenshot 2014-12-13 23.18.26

Tip – The game doesn’t particularly like un-named games.


Possibilities and considerations:

I certainly see this game as a possibly option for a group of students looking into business studies who are interested in gaming and game design. It does take significant time to play the game through to the end, it can’t be done in a lesson. It took me around 7 hours – yet I wasn’t rushing through things. It is also $10 a game, which in reality is not that expensive for a game.

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