Future Growth 5012

Looking back over the last 16 weeks (well 13 at this stage), I have become aware of the need to give time to tinkering, to playing with applications and determining their potential for learning. This has been a broader theme of my learning this year as part of my Hardie Fellowship, which has allowed me to attend a number of conferences that have highlighted this also. My aim is to ensure that I provide time for this to happen, to block out some time each week to have opportunity to explore. One of the things I quite enjoy is supporting teachers in employing applications to support learning within their classrooms. At the moment I am in conversation with two teachers in Tasmania, Australia, supporting their understanding and learning. One teacher is implementing Minecraft into her classroom and the other is presenting professional learning to teachers with regard to Screencasting and the use of Schoology. Schoology 1 Further to this, I have been given the wonderful opportunity here at Ohio University where I will be taking up a GA position. This will involve teaching undergrads the course 2030 (Technological Applications in Education) and participating in providing ‘just in time’ learning for teachers regarding their technology needs in the Logan-Hocking District. To support my own learning in this area I see it as vital that I continue to foster the relationships that I have on Twitter and Voxer and refine the list of blogs that I follow where educators freely share their learning and usage of applications for learning. I also see it will be beneficial that I maintain my own blog to support this focus. And finally create a more clear focus of how I can leverage these skills and knowledge that I have to further my career pathway. To this end I will employ the use of coaching from a respected colleague Corinne Campbell.

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