Meaningful Play – part 2 #mplay

As part of the Meaningful Play Conference there were events to explore a range of technology. One evening presented the opportunity to test out some new products hitting the marketplace. TechSmith is a company that produces Camtasia. Their latest development is AppShow. This app allows you to record straight from the iPad or iPhone and include a voice over. You can then export your recording into Camtaisa and add to it further or produce without taking that next step. Below is an example:

This short video on how to use ARIS with regards to the game The Things We Carry which can be played on the iPhone. The game aims is to evoke emotion through connection with the narrative while interacting with the physical space it is set. This is the work of Jeff Kuhn and Donelle Batty and is still under construction.

This provides some great opportunities with regard to creating short videos that explain apps or for those wanting to video their Minecraft creations on the iPad. At the moment it is free. There is a slight catch, that being it is a Mac only product and you need to be running Yosemite and have a device that connects via the lightning cable.

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