#ISTE2014 reflection number 3 #Minecraft

One of the most awesome things about #ISTE2014 was catching up with people in my PLN. People who I have been following for years, people who have inspired me and pushed me. My PLN is varied and that is what I love about it. I had the opportunity to catch up with @tasteach, a wonderful lady who is impacting the lives of people across the globe with her Student Blogging Challenge. She is not afraid to push the boundaries to ensure students get the best opportunities!

Then there was the Minecraft group – WOW! How lucky was I to meet up with them! @Knowclue was presenting at ISTE and invited me to share the Riverside High School story. She had three different sessions where our story was shared with regard to the wonderful things our students have learnt using Minecraft. Two of the sessions provided teachers the opportunity to play and one took on a lecture style format. As a result of meeting up with @Knowclue I was able to meet @Coggone, a quietly spoken teacher who had a fantastic story to tell about her own learning as she entered the world of Minecraft to explore mathematical concepts. She too presented in the three sessions. Then there was @MrMalmstrom who is the tech guru behind the work that @Knowclue does. @ruriknackerud was also present to help out, his focus is on research in the gaming area and continued to bring a smile to everyones face with his exuberance and wit. @mr_isaacs was also there to help, I had the opportunity to meet him at the Games, Learning and Society Conference a few weeks earlier. And last, but not least, @PeggySheehy who has a wealth of knowledge about games and gaming in the classroom, being well know for her use of World of Warcraft in educational settings. Being in the same room as these people and sharing our story in this format was an incredible opportunity. Thank you so much @Knowclue 🙂

2014-06-30 10.19.05 2014-06-30 10.18.54

Then came the icing on the cake. Often I wonder what someone really walks away with from a PL session and if it does have relevance to their classroom practice.  Than suddenly a tweet popped up the other day, where a teacher who attended one of the play sessions reflected on her ‘walk on the wild side’ with Minecraft.

Screenshot 2014-07-30 21.58.58


What wonderful feed back for @Knowclue. A huge amount of effort goes into submitting a potential presentation for a conference like ISTE, and I am sure that this put a big smile on her face, as it did mine 🙂


Here is Iram’s journey into play and learning with the ultimate learning tool, Minecraft:



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