Charter schools – what’s the go in Ohio?

Just been to Rotary. Today’s speaker, Steve Dyer ( spoke on the funding breakdown provided in the state of Ohio regarding education. When it’s broken down to a per student basis Charter schools get significantly more money per student than public schools from the state (Charter Schools: $7,446/ pupil compared Local school districts: $3,611/ pupil), yet their educational data on report cards is not anywhere near as good as the public schools. The other interesting thing Stephen mentioned, in discussion after his presentation, is that transport is provided for students to get to a Charter school. Yet no transport is provided for students to get to their local public school, as it is deemed that they don’t need transport provided due to being in the 3mile (5k) radius of their local public school. Which raises the question, where would a parent choose to send their child if getting to a public school, via walking, was not considered a safe option. Public schools appear to be on the back foot for a range of reasons, yet they are not under-performing like the Charter schools. The other thing mentioned was the connection to politics that appears to exist with Charter schools. Not only do I feel uncomfortable about this, but incredibly saddened by the inequity that hits me in the face. Admittedly, I’m only hearing one states perspective, and one person’s perspective who is employed by Innovation Ohio , on the impact of Charter schools. It’s always important to understand the bigger picture.


Please note that the majority of references were made in relation to the larger Charter School organisations, in particular those coming under the White Hat Management Group . There is an interesting article below:

Also, there was comment made with regard to some smaller Charter Schools who were doing great things with regard to student outcomes (being on par with or above Public Schools), but they did not have the political connections as the above mentioned.


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