Games, Society and Learning #gls14 – Part 7

The last day of #gls14 rolled around quickly, as with most conferences a lot is discussed, shared and questioned. I need time to consider what I have learnt, and I am still thinking about some of the presentations from this last day. A storify from that day is available by clicking on the pic below:


Screenshot 2014-06-29 22.04.26


I do appreciate those that tweet out during a conference, some people are so quick at summarising what is being said into the 140 characters available for each tweet. These people provide a great backchannel for those not in attendance and a great bank of notes/discussions for those of us in attendance. For me, these tweets compliment hand written notes that I take while listening – yes that’s right I still take hand written notes! I find I am able to learn more effectively this way. The tweets are a mere summary/snapshot of the moment for me, my hand written notes contextualise things a little more and take me back to the moment in a physical/emotional sense. Having my PLN participate actively on twitter during a conference ensures the learning is no longer an individual pursuit, it has a real connectedness to others, hence I find the combination of tweets from others with my own thoughts, reflections and notes provides greater richness to the learning undertaken.

What is it that I will take away that will last with me for a long time and become part of my practice? What will be momentarily useful?

Some aspects of this conference have already come in handy and have had direct application to what I am doing now, especially from a reaffirming perspective. Others will be more relevant later on. I am sure that my brain will effectively dig deep into my memory to reacquaint itself with the information and thoughts filed away, in amongst the grey matter, when the moment arises. 😉

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