Games, Learning and Society Conference #gls14 – Part 5 #failure

What do you think of when you hear the word failure? Do you think of all those times that you tried but did not succeed? Should failure be associated with negative emotions? Failure and games go hand in hand. Failure is part and parcel of hard learning in a gaming environment. Failure in games leads to success. Why is this not the case in other environments? Failure in games means you have discovered what does not work, that you need to take another path.

Playing games involves play!

freedom to fail

This is why playing games is so important. Games involve narrative, problem solving and good games provide agency.

Interesting questions were raised and it became evident people have different perspectives on some topics, which is great to see occurring on the backchannel. For an insight into the second day, via the backchannel, of the #gls14 conference click on the pic below:

Screenshot 2014-06-25 21.25.37

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