A slight deviation – FOOD!!!

Before arriving in the USA I was aware that portion sizes would be different to what we receive at home. I was also aware that there would be some minor difference in the way we do things too.

To be totally honest, I am amazed at the subtle differences and the portion sizes! So far Simon and I have shared an entree (main) for most of our meals – they are huge! Drinks are huge too!

It all started in Madison where beer came in one size – way bigger than I was use too! Nothing smaller than a pint. Later on in Lanesboro I ordered a root beer. Well…I didn’t want that much soft drink! I didn’t want that much sugar.

root beer
Food servings are huge – OMG, my head is still spinning, or should I say I am still in a food coma. Simon ordered a Pizza, let’s just say there was enough for a family! Please note that the pizza is sitting on a king sized bed and the box has been cut down to fit in the mini bar fridge – OMG!



Then there was the appetiser…sausage platter for one!

sausage platter


Please don’t get me wrong, some of these have been wonderful and fitting for the place of purchase. The sausage platter was a menu item at a German themed pub.


We have had opportunity to experience food more to my liking, such as a wonderful gluten free sandwich at a little cafe in Winona, called the Blue Heron Coffeehouse.



Not to mention the cheese platter in Madison.

2014-06-09 15.06.01


Tonight was our first experience of fine dining. Portion sizes were normal. Cutlery was not. It appears that Americans in a fine dining experience don’t use a knife with their entree (which they call appetiser), nor do they use a fork with their dessert…I will eventually stop making comparisons, well until I get back to Australia when it will start to happen again.



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