Games, Learning and Society Conference #gls14 – Part 1

Pic via David Leach (@LeachWriter)

Pic via David Leach (@LeachWriter)

Its been a big 4 days of conferencing for me and I am feeling quite exhausted, which is compounded by the flight from Brisbane, Australia, to Madison, Wisconsin, on June 7. I find conferences interesting micro climates, where learning is condensed into such a short time and the thinking regarding what has been absorbed often occurs later. The thing that I loved about this conference was being given half an hour between each session and lunches going for around an hour and a half. This time allowed for plenty of chatting and some quiet time to think.

The first part of the #gls14 conference started with a Playful Learning and ARIS summit. Me being me, found it hard to work out what I was most interested in, so I jumped between the two. I am really happy that I did this as I was able to expand my learning experience.

ARIS “is a user-friendly, open-source platform for creating and playing mobile games,
tours and interactive stories. Using GPS and QR Codes, ARIS players experience a hybrid world of virtual interactive characters, items, and media placed in physical space.”

I can see great application for ARIS in the classroom. I attended Denise Bressler’s mini presentation at the ARIS summit and then later at the #gls14 conference I sat in on her paper presentation that focused on analysing social interaction using the game that she created:

  • School Scene Investigators: The Case of the Mystery Powder

The other two ARIS based games that I really liked included:

  • Horror on the Ridges — Seann Dikkers, Rebecca Fischer: Ohio University (I am now feeling a little more aware of the history of Athens, Ohio. Hm…not sure I am ready for the ghosts that exist in this haunted town)
  • WeBIRD – David Gagnon: University of Wisconsin – Madison

If you download the ARIS app and create an account you will be able to find the above  games.

If you would like to watch the micro presentations then follow the link

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