It’s almost time – #HardieFellowship


Pic of flag courtesy of the Ohio Tourism Division.

Pic of flag courtesy of the Ohio Tourism Division.

On Wednesday I will be embarking on an adventure that has come about due to the learning that I have had the opportunity to do with a bunch of awesome students from Riverside High School. They dared to push me, dared to con me into playing a game, dared to challenge my understandings, they are a pretty incredible bunch who don’t give up easily! The thing I find incredible about this bunch of students is their desire to provide learning opportunities for others, they see something good and know that it can benefit the learning of others, including their teachers. In achieving their goals of setting up a subject called Minecraft they have achieved more than they ever thought possible. They have created a sustainable subject that is student driven. The original leaders of this subject  are in Year 11 this year and no longer Riverside High School students, we now have new leaders in Grade 8 and 9, they are learning the ropes and putting their own spin on the subject. They have risen to some pretty incredible challenges already this year and will have more to come as they work together to provide a learning environment for their peers. So I have to say a very big thank you to them for making me think outside the square, and pushing me to take a risk. I hope I do them proud as I set out on my learning journey to the USA for a year.

My first stop is in Brisbane, where I will attend a Master Class with Sugata Mitra at the EduTech Conference. After that I head off to Madison, Wisconsin, to attend the Games Learning and Society Conference . This will be rather exciting as I will be meeting up with Seann Dikkers who I will get to work with at Ohio University for the year. I then head off to Atlanta, Georgia, for the ISTE Conference, which had an attendance of 13000 people last year – hm…think that means it’s big! 😉 After that I head to Athens, Ohio.


  1. natbott97 says:

    Soooo jealous! Have fun!

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