Things are ramping up for #ProjectMIST

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I go away for a few days and come back to find the students are motivated and building with enthusiasm. The Grade 7 lunch time group has set up their Skype group. They are now busily continuing their discussions regarding what they want to achieve at home while they are playing on the server. Mr Mancho is thinking about ways to get the Grade 8 and the Grade 9/10 class communicating well when they get on the server in Term 3 and 4. The Primary students are busy mining tonight to continue their community builds. Then there is DarkSpaniel who is building a new world for a group of students who will be coming on our server shortly to create a machinima for The MyState Student Film Festival. It is so nice to see the community growing. It is wonderful to see such supportive young people, willingly helping each other learn and be in this space. The students are learning how to communicate in online environments that fit within a particular charter (code of conduct/expectations), similar to that in a workplace. They are problem solving to make their work more efficient and they are stepping up to take leadership roles, learning about leadership through questions, discussion and action.

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