My life will fit into these…

My life will fit into these two cases... It will!

My life will fit into these two cases… It will!

Ok, so above is a pic of the two cases that my entire life will fit into for a year. Just before you get too concerned about me carting these across the USA, from place to place, I do plan to have a base in Athens, Ohio. At the moment I am awaiting confirmation of enrolment into Ohio University, so fingers are crossed. Once I receive confirmation I can start on the Student VISA. At this stage I am looking at living at The Reserve at the Falls, again this is where having a great PLN comes in handy. I have had some discussion via email with Seann Dikkers, who I met as a result of his research focused on Minecraft, with regard to the types of accommodation available and suitable for someone of my age (42). The staff at the apartments have been wonderful too, they have sent me photos of an apartment so that I have a better understanding of what they are like.

Just as a side note, the scarf that is around the top handle of the small suitcase has travelled with me since 2002. It reminds me of my connection to Tasmania, not to mention it is highly unlikely that anyone else will have a scarf like this on their luggage. The little dog like creatures on the scarf are Tasmanian Tigers. The scarf  was worn by the GSE team that I was a member of when we were in the Netherlands. If you take the time to google the Tasmanian Tiger you will notice that a Wilf Batty pops up in your searches or within the links that appear, my Great Uncle. I’m not sure he ever imagined that this moment in time would provide him with an identity on the internet. How times have changed! Well I hope they have, learning from our past is so important to ensure that we don’t inadvertently, through poor practices, cause the extinction of other animals.

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