I possibly shouldn’t be doing this…but I am

Yes, that is right. I probably shouldn’t be doing this…but I am! I am sitting in my Minecraft class, the grade 8 one right now. What shouldn’t I be doing…writing this blog post – oopsy!!! But I really couldn’t help myself. You see the thing that I love about this class is the learning that goes on. I have one student working on a launcher for 1.6 and today he has moved a step closer to a fix. I have two grade 10 students who have just popped in, their role is to help the younger students with technical issues – they have access to the background workings of the game – so negotiation is the interesting thing that starts happening when they enter the class. The one thing that I love the most about this class is the conversation that occurs. Students are supporting each others learning, they are sharing and discussing what they are doing. They seek out students in the class who can help them, they have developed an understanding of who has what skill. They know who has what resources and develop trades that are win/win. Occasionally we have a student who chooses to shear someone sheep. This leads to sorting out a problem in a reasonable way. The discussions that lead to problem solving and consequent solutions are a joy to see. It is a awesome to see them so engaged and interested in what each other learning. So should I not be writing a quick blog post?  As part of this class I expect the students to write on our class blog in this class. As part  of writing this post a couple of students have checked it to ensure that it is representative of what is going on….Is it role modelling? Do we need to role model what we expect our students to do? These are the questions that this class has made me think about. They challenge my learning, so the learning that occurs in this class is not just about them it is also about me as their teacher and what I am learning through this process.


  1. Jacob Anderson says:

    coudn’t put it better my self

  2. xxalbydogxx says:

    I agree with this, Seeing people learning off each other and helping no matter what the question is. Our community is so friendly and you feel welcome to work with each other.

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