Students need a challenge, Minecraft provides it!

Since the update of Minecraft to 1.6 we have hit some hurdles, but they are great opportunities. Operating an external server and accessing it from a school can create some minor issues, well ok, they seem minor now but initially they were incredibly frustrating. As a result though we have learnt heaps about working with the system. Firstly, I cannot thank the awesome support we receive from Jo Kay and the Techies in the Tassie Ed Department, they are worth their weight in gold. Secondly, I cannot be prouder of the students I work with their tinkering and problem solving and acceptance that sometimes things move slowly when big problems need to be solved.

So what’s the go?
With the previous update we used the following minecraft modified launcher from to sign into Minecraft and then play, which is “basically a modified launcher, which enables the game to run through a protected proxy.”

Where are we at?
The 1.6 update won’t run through the current modified launcher. Well that won’t stop us. A grade 8 student has taken on the challenge, fingers crossed we will have a solution by the end of the week. We will keep you posted. There will be much rejoicing if it works. There are three schools and around 150 students who will benefit from being able to update our server. What a wonderful authentic learning task. Not to mention the fact that its so nice to see students collaborating, supporting each other and recognizing the talents each person other brings to the class.


  1. nco04662 says:

    This sounds like a very exciting process for all!

    • dbatty1 says:

      It certainly is. The student is very close to nutting it out. He has given much of his own time to this, in fact most of the work done has happened at home. So cool to know a student is so engaged!

  2. nco04662 says:

    Now that’s connecting with a student’s interests and providing learning opportunities in a meaningful real world situation. Best homework ever!

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