Minecraft Parodies

My grade 8 students got a little excited today and decided to share with me a couple of their favourite parodies:


From this a discussion started about creating their own parody – can’t wait for this to happen! I am hoping that the initial momentum is enough to see this realised. At the end of class students were sorting out who had the skills required along with programs as they will need to do some work at home.

This then led to noticing the EduMachinima Fest. A_FLEMING, in grade 8, then started discussing what makes a good story and what he’d love to do for this competition, along with a few other students from Grade 9 and 10. This is when learning gets truly exciting as the students are starting to incorporate all the skills they learn from other subjects to create something that is connected to something they love playing – Minecraft 😉

Looking forward to what might come of this moment in time. It is so nice to see students so excited about learning.

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