A step away from Minecraft…for the minute ;)

Last week I joined the growing group of educators following @EduTweetOz on Twitter. This is a rotation curation account, a growing trend in a range of areas of interest. So what did I do – yes you guessed it, I signed up to ge a guest tweeter! So this week I’m the guest. We have had some great conversations over the last week focussing on Professional Learning, innovative PL, Rubrics, Why Twitter and more visit here to view them all via Storify

My first Storify grew out of a great question from a pre-service teacher about to start her first prac. See below for link 😉

The task I have set myself today is to collate a selection of pictures that show what educators are doing today – could be interesting. NSW has just started back to school today and have PL. There are some great pictures coming through. Go to the twitter account above to see my retweets 🙂

Disclaimer – this is the first time I have used Storify, its not that hard. Still lots to learn.

[View the story “Advice for a pre-service teachers 1st prac” on Storify]

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