Basic overview of how our Minecraft server works

So how does the ProjectMIST Minecraft server and class work? My students run the server. They determine how our community works through the use of a charter or server expectations. They manage the technical side and determine the learning as a result. I support them by asking questions to ensure they are considering it from an educational standpoint. JoKayis their technical guide, she supports their learning again through well thought out questions. As a result of their needs regarding learning they have set up a ranking system to increase engagement. The core group of student leaders are managing a server that will have a community of about 120 students by July, we have a phased process for students getting onto our server. This helps in supporting our community and how we interact. Our server is whitelisted due to it being an educational tool linked to our school. It runs 24/7 because the students want the other students to have an authentic learning experience, especially with regard to their online identity.

The majority of students are playing Minecraft and they are setting their own projects and need to show the following:

  • How they communicate
  • How they collaborate
  • How they create
  • How the problem solve
  • How they are creating and maintaining a positive online identity

Our students are now sharing their work on our blog

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