A powerful Minecraft moment on a personal level :)

I had a really nice moment yesterday. I was in a local bookstore talking to one of the staff there and as part of the conversation she worked out where I teach. She then enquired if I taught her nephew, which I said “yes he’s in my Minecraft class”. She responded “ah, you’re that lady”. At this point I was was wondering where this conversation might lead. Do I run and hide…do I stand proud and tall…this could be awkward or good. You see there are often mixed feelings in the community about gaming as a result of how non gamers interpret the time spent in the game and not understanding what benefits can come about due to gaming. Non gamers don’t necessarily have an appreciation of the community, the problem solving and the collaboration involved, let alone the peer to peer learning that it enables and empowers. Anyway I braced myself. I was ready for what might be said, my heart was racing just a little. Then she said it. “I want to thank you for getting my nephew excited about learning. I want to thank you on behalf of myself and my mother. I want to thank you on behalf of my brother, his father. We are so appreciative of your effort and the way he has re-engaged with learning.” WOW! I had to fight back the tears, be aware that I do get a little teary about this sort of stuff. Rarely do we as teachers get feedback like this. It made my day. It made my day because one child had re-engaged with learning and his family could see beyond the game. They understood the impact of a positive community, one that allowed students to learn from each other and stretch themselves as people and learners.

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