Gamifying Minecraft to encourage greater engagement

Natbott has spent considerable time carfefully considering how we make our Minecraft class a better learning experience – so proud of him!


This year we have added a new system to our server. No, it’s not Tekkit, but it is awesome all the same, and something we have been thinking about since starting the subject over a year ago. It’s leveling!
Leveling/ranking was something we considered when designing the subject but looking back we didn’t really have the knowledge or experience initially to put such a system in place.
The system solves two of the main problems I decided were important to address. The first of which is motivating the students to do meaningful work in-game. This is where the work I did for the online coursera on gamification ( was really helpful in figuring out what would motivate the students. It was a little easier after a year of running the minecraft subject to know what students wanted and what they saw as important withing a system that would motivate them…

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