Minecraft – learning from updates and other stuff

Managing a Minecraft server should be easy, right?! Well not so, when you have 44 students who can access anytime and 26 access at one time, things are not that easy at times. But the postives that come out of it are worth it.

At this moment we are holding off updating as we need to know that the when we do things will run as smoothly as possible. That is, all our plug-ins work happily or whether we need to go in search of new ones or remove some as a result of the upgrade. In single player these issues don’t impact, it is in the multiplayer world that this needs to work well. My part in this is minimal as I have very limited skills. Yet the ProjectMIST students are the ones in control. They have been checking things out, reading forum posts. Creating a workflow and playing on a server that has been updated (thanks http://massivelyminecraft.org/) As you can imagine having this working when a class of students are using it is important, one does not want to imagine the world of pain if it doesn’t work well. They have spent hours in discussion on Skype with key support people, thank you @jokay.

We also seem to have a bit of trouble with logins at  http://www.minecraft.net/. This appears to be most problematic when a new group of students comes on board and are trying to login at school- one IP for every computer is a problem. However, we have ways around this. Over a few weeks this irons itself out, one must be patient and you guessed it I am not. The students tend to have greater patience than me. So eventially we get it working well with students ensuring that they use the same computer every lesson and that they have ticked the remember me box so automatic login occurs when they go to the site. The remember me is attached to the students profile on that machine and is not accessable to others that logon.

So as a back up we have used single player in classic – not somehting that those who play a lot like. We also have a locally housed version of single player (Profile Manager) on our system that proves useful, especially for students who want to tinker before they put something into the multiplayer world. We are also looking at using an offline LAN type concept so we can still have multiplayer if things really are not working. The ProjectMIST students are looking into this as they are the ones that operate the technical side.

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