Two of my minecrafters….

The Grade 7 town

I love the things that I learn from my miners. They are extremely insightful. They are reflective and understand the importance of learning. I was talking to one of the lead miners the other day about what he has been learning through the use of minecraft in our school and running the server. He made it clear that through developing a key relationship (thank you jokay Wollongong ‏@jokay )online he has learnt more about running and supporting a Minecraft server than he ever would on his own just surfing the Internet. This conversation has led him to decide to start documenting the things that are important to know about building and running a school server. I can’t wait for him to start this, it is something that I have been wanting to happen all along. What I have learnt here is that for something to be documented, written about, recorded requires a moment in time to occur for it to become important to the one doing the work. Not all of us are able to write for the sake of writing, many of us require a reason, something that drives us to tell our story or share the story that is inside us. These moments need to be harnessed and allowed to run when they are ready. Oddly enough, over the weekend I had twitter conversations with a teacher who indicated similar ideas, thank you @flourishingkids. My considerations for writing certainly don’t stop there. Over the weekend there was an ALEA conference that got me thinking via the Tweets that were flowing rather thick and fast at times:

#ALEA2012 Mem Fox: Collaborative writers are better writers. Me: so, why do I set it up as a mostly-solitary task? Must rethink.

Another one of my miners, who also has a significant lead role with our server read the post I quoted from in my last blog ( Interestingly he noted the piece in the blog that most stood out for him was:

However, he is constrained by a system that is more frightened by “what-ifs” rather than the magnificence of “what could be.”

I so understand his thoughts on this. This miner wanted to use opensim to present his exhibition of learning later this week. Unfortunately we were not able to open up the ports (and other technical stuff that I don’t understand) for this…. a grrr moment. His resilience is to be commended. Although he has spent significant time building in opensim for his exhibition he has now transferred this to Minecraft. How long will it be before we catch up and desire the “what could be” rather than be held back by the “what ifs”…..

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I love how insightful your student was to understand that the constraints due to fear are blocking the magnificence of what could be. I also really appreciate how you linked needing a “reason to write” ( like a passion for something) and collaboration as a way to write as important ideas in the “let’s inspire kids to (want to) write” common plight many of us share. Thank you’ve got me thinking!

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